The small town girl

Born and brought up in the small town upstate, Allahabad, Shree had always been a smarty-pants chubby kid. Though during her school days, she realized that she wanted to be a part of the industry which she could only look at from afar through a small TV screen at home. This early realization made her work on herself, exercise twice a day, follow a healthy routine and prepare step by step for something she aspired for.

The First stepping stone

While in school, Shree got selected for The Veet Diva 2013 contest, where she ended up overpowering others with her unquestionable charm and won the contest.

The next step – City of Dreams

After the small victory in her town, Shree’s passion intensified and she got a boost to dream bigger. Soon after, she moved to Mumbai and took admission in Jai Hind College of Mumbai University. This gave her the right kind of exposure as she did many college level fashion shows and also was a part of Ms Fresh Face 2014, and bagged that title as well!
This got her another series of opportunities and ultimately got her selected for Ms Diva Universe contest 2014, hosted by Ms Lara Dutta (former Miss Universe) and aired on Zee Café. Shree made it to the top 5 finalists here.

Further in 2015, it was the show India’s Next Top Model 2015, aired on MTV where Shree got to be on board. Along with this she did several ad films, web ads etc.
Her next show was Splitsvilla 2016, aired on MTV and hosted by Sunny Leone. Shree left quite an impact through this one as it gained her mass followership and recognition. Currently she’s working with Vikram Bhatt’s webseries, rightfully doing justice to her character!

A Unique Persona

Shreeradhe’s personality is a unique amalgamation of beauty with brains, as she’s smart and outgoing with the right attitude and a welcoming nature.

Joining hands with AS Entertainments

Being beautiful and talented, Shree always aspires for more and doesn’t want to halt her ongoing progress. In order to maintain the balance, to work with a certain flow, to have a team help her coordinate with her projects, and work with her in order to grow together in the process, Shreeradhe considered it best to work with a dedicated team. And the AS team makes sure that they work in best interests of Shree with the right motivation and teamwork.