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AS Entertainment Services Provided To You :
Casting in Movies, Serials, Ad Commercials and Web Series

You will have a team of Casting Directors working exclusively for you

Casting for Movies, Serials, Ad Commercials and Web Series is a specialized task which only the most watchful eyes can select the apt talent in terms of actors or models for the particular requirement whether its movies, ads, TV Commercials or Print Ads. Once we sign you as an Exclusive Actor with us our Casting Directors will be working on finding the right assignment for You.

Celebrity Management Services

AS Entertainment offer expertise based solutions in celebrity management, celebrity engagement, celebrity promotions, celebrity appearances, celebrity performances at events, artist coordination for events, celebrity coordination, artist management from reality shows, artist management from television and films.

We Provide Artist for: Corporate event | Marriage | Sangeet | Ticketed Shows | Dealers Meets | Bhajan Sandhya |Concerts | Awards Functions | International Shows | Birthday Shows | Television Awards Night | Reality shows Etc

We handle the arrangement of various celebrities like Film stars, TV artists, Sports stars, Models, Emcees’ and various other famous personalities. You name it and we can arrange them for your events. We take care of following requirements while arranging a celebrity for you

Dedicated Manager for you

In India its assumed that Celebrity Management is like working as a secretary however, there is a lot which is required to be delivered in terms of thought process, strategy, planning and execution which is involved for managing a celebrity or actor’s portfolio and image. It’s the need of the hour to maintain the right balance related to various aspects such as endorsements, public appearances, managing the media and the overall perception of a star in the eyes of the audience or fans as this is what will create you as a Brand. We might even undergo an image makeover if required in terms of styling, body language , wardrobe management as we have an Image architect and stylist on our panel.


PR Publicity of our Stars

A team of dedicated Public Relation Managers and Executives for you.

Media plays a pivotal role in the life of a star. Everyone wants to know what their favorite Hero or Heroine does from Morning to Night. The fan following is based on the popularity of the star and on screen performances but the Publicity of a star matters a lot especially in today’s age. There are some stars whose PR Publicity is planned as per their roles that they want to portray on the silver screen. The Publicity can be in the form of a photoshoot that we shall organize with a Top celebrity photographer and this News will be covered in the leading Newspapers, Magazines, TV Channels, Web Channels, Radio, Hoardings and more. It could even be a news coverage across all mediums to create an awareness of preparation that an Actor is going through to essay a particular character.

Social Media Presence

An IT Team for you to handle your Digital Image

In this Digital era it’s important to make our presence felt as an artist on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even have a dedicated website for You. Our tech savvy team will ensure that there is a recall value created in terms of creating an impact on Social Media. We will even create posts on Twitter and Facebook to let everyone know about your opinions on various topics or issues. We will ensure that you have as many followers as possible on Social Media.